Call for Artists Due Oct 14th 2018 Arts Council of Indianapolis -

Duke Realty Headquarters Public Art

Please Apply Here:

You will need to mail your application to the address specified below.
Please see the detailed submission instructions at the end of this call under Submission Instructions.

Budget: $50,000
Deadline: 10/14/2018 10:59 PM Central Time

Call Summary
The Arts Council of Indianapolis, on behalf of Duke Realty and through the Public Art for Neighborhoods Program, is requesting qualifications from artists or artist teams who are interested in creating outdoor public artwork for the indicated site. This RFQ is an open call to experienced artists. Artists living in or near Marion County, Indiana are strongly encouraged to apply.

Budget Description
The budget for the artwork is $50,000. The selected artist is expected to use this budget for all materials, supplies, travel, lodging, and equipment needed to design, fabricate and install his or her artwork. Excavation, concrete foundation, or base/support may be provided by the construction project depending on the artwork design and placement. The artist will also be required to provide a one-year warranty for the artwork.

Project Description
Duke Realty is redeveloping the site at 8711 River Crossing Blvd. into its new, modern-design national headquarters building. The four-story, 78,000 square foot building will be co-owned by Indianapolis-based PK Partners LLC, with Duke occupying 94% of the facility as the tenant. The remainder of the facility will house a unique 4,200 square foot restaurant/bar. The building will incorporate environmental sustainability in its design and should receive a LEED Silver rating. The building will have 5 balconies and a large patio near the lake. Visitors will be able to access the main lobby, the restaurant, and the areas immediately surrounding the building (including the waterfront trail) without requiring an appointment, security badge, or escort.

Artwork Goals
The City of Indianapolis accepts responsibility for expanding the opportunity for its citizens to experience art in, and for the beautification of, public places. The city also recognizes that the inclusion of public art in appropriate locations will promote the cultural heritage and artistic development of the city, enhance the city's character and identity, contribute to economic development and tourism, improve public safety, add warmth, dignity, beauty and accessibility to public spaces, and expand the experience and participation of citizens with the arts. This recognition led to the development of the Public Art for Neighborhoods Ordinance (Indianapolis-Marion County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 271), which was signed in May 2016.

The Public Art for Neighborhoods Ordinance requires private developers of eligible projects to donate the equivalent of 1% of the value of cash incentives received by the developer to the Public Art for Neighborhoods Fund, or, in lieu of the donation, to commission public art for the project site with a value equal to or greater than the donation requirement. Public art commissioned by developers under this program must be created by a professional artist who is not on the developer’s project design team, and the artwork must be easily accessible to the general public. Artworks commissioned by developers are reviewed by a Selection Committee appointed under the terms of the Public Art for Neighborhoods Ordinance and approved as meeting the requirements of the ordinance.

Artwork Location Description
The project site is located in “Keystone at the Crossing”, a well established mixed use development containing extensive retail, office, hotel and restaurant options on Indianapolis’ far northside. The Duke Realty Headquarters building is surrounded on three sides by parking or roadway surfaces, and on one side by a landscaped garden and lawn bordering a large artificial lake. There is a one-mile, publicly accessible walking path along the lake edge. Public art for this site may engage with the water in the lake.

The selected artist may choose to engage any area of the site, keeping in mind that the purpose of Public Art for Neighborhoods is to provide a public amenity. Because of the accelerated project timeline, artwork integrated into the building’s structure will not be possible.

Site History
Duke Realty is an Indianapolis-based owner, developer, builder, and manager of industrial properties consisting of approximately 149 million rentable square feet of assets in 20 key U.S. logistics markets. Duke Realty is publicly traded real estate investment trust on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol DRE and is listed on the S&P 500. Founded in 1972, Duke owns and develops state-of-the-art bulk warehouses and modern, efficient distribution centers, serving the warehousing, e-commerce, logistics, and supply chain industries.

To qualify, artists must be 18 years of age or older, work as a professional artist or artist team in the United States, have previously created public art, large-scale works, or exterior projects, carry personal liability insurance for the duration of the project, and be willing to meet all contractual obligations and adhere to a strict timeline.

Application Requirements
Resume: 4 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 1 - 20
Letter of Interest: 500 word maximum
Complete applicant information and interest form at
References: 3

Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.

Selection Information
Selection Process
No designs are required as part of the artist’s application materials! Applications received in response to this Request for Qualifications will be reviewed by members of the Duke Realty project team along with representatives from the Arts Council’s Public Art Selection Committee and a finalist artist will be recommended. Once identified, the artist will work further with Duke Realty and their design team to propose an artwork concept and create a Public Art Plan, to be reviewed by the Public Art for Neighborhoods Steering Committee. Once approved, the artwork will be fabricated and installed in coordination with Duke Realty.
The Public Art Selection Committee consists of prominent experts in their respective fields and includes artists, arts advocates, curators, administrators, and other arts and community development specialists.
Note: while this is the intended selection process, in the event of an insufficient number of qualified applicants the Arts Council and Duke Realty reserve the right to change the process to a Request for Proposals, to invite an artist to propose, or to directly select an artist or artwork; and also reserve the right to cancel the opportunity entirely at any point and for any reason, as the best interests of the project may dictate.

Selection Criteria
The finalist artist will be selected based upon the following criteria:
• Artistic quality: artist’s submission displays a record of appropriate, yet innovative, concepts brought to a site or project, and documents creative and stylistically distinctive solutions to design and site issues

• Aesthetic sensibility: artist’s work displays an aesthetic that would be desirable for this project

• Technical ability: artist’s submission indicates skill with materials and techniques similar to those that would be required for this project

• Experience: artist’s submission has indicated familiarity with clients and conditions similar to those that would be used on this project, or has demonstrated the ability on past projects to quickly acquire the skills needed to be successful on a project similar to this one

• Process: artist’s submission indicate that the working relationship will be productive and the completed project will successfully meet the challenges particular to the site and overall initiative in a timely manner, including successfully completing all documentation and managing the given project budget

August 29, 2018 - Release Request for Qualifications

October 14, 2018 - Artist qualification packages due to the Arts Council of Indianapolis

Week of November 1, 2018 – Artist submissions reviewed

By November 30, 2018 – Finalist artist notified and contracted

January 15, 2019 – Preliminary concept due to Duke Realty

By February 28, 2019 – Concept approved by Duke Realty

By March 31, 2019 – Public Art Plan submitted to Public Art for Neighborhoods Steering Committee

Mid-April, 2019 – Public Art Plan approved

May – September 2019 – Fabrication of approved artwork

Fall 2019 (TBD) – On-site installation of completed artwork

Early 2020 – Owner occupation of new facility

Additional Resources

Contact Information
Julia Moore
Director of Public Art
924 N Pennsylvania St
Indianapolis Indiana 46204 United States

Submission Instructions
Mailing Address
Arts Council of Indianapolis Attn: Duke Realty HQ Public Art 924 N Pennsylvania St Indianapolis, IN 46204
Mailing Submission Instructions
Mail CD's ONLY--no hard copy applications!

File Sharing Submission Instructions
Upload the information to a Dropbox or to and send a sharing link to The email containing the sharing link must be date-stamped by 11:59 p.m. (Eastern) on Sunday, October 14, 2018.

Website Address
Website Submission Instructions
REQUIRED application form for all artist REGARDLESS of submission method!

Call for Artists Due Oct 12th 2018 City of Evanston, IL -

Robert Crown Community Center and Park Public Art Call, Evanston, IL
Please Apply Here:

Budget: $400,000
Deadline: 10/12/2018 5:00 PM Central Time

Call Summary
The re-development of the RCCC will bring a new typology of community center to Evanston. With the combination of outdoor leisure and recreation and indoor ice rinks, community rooms and a public library, this facility will set a new precedent for community centers in the Midwest bringing together people of all ages, abilities and interests to meet, play and learn. Robert Crown Park is a 15-acre park located in Evanston, Illinois at the northeast corner of Main St. and Dodge Ave. The Robert Crown Center has served Evanston since 1975, but the desire for added programming and improved facilities to serve the community has facilitated this new pursuit. In keeping with the public and community-based mission of the facility, the public art should be equally ambitious.

Budget Description
The budget to cover artwork shall not exceed $400,000. Submitted proposed artwork must fit within this budget. This budget must cover all expenses associated with, but not limited to the design, labor, fabrication, project management, materials, tools, contracted services, operations and meetings, travel required to complete the artwork installation, installation of the artwork, permits, licenses, taxes, insurance, engineering, transportation, delivery, and installation of the artwork to the site. If special installation requirements are needed for large and/or complex pieces, the artist is responsible for working with the City of Evanston and other relevant partners to coordinate all aspects of the installation.

Project Description
The City of Evanston has the following goals and considerations for public art installations. For your proposal, please propose an installation and location that meets one or more of the criteria below.

Proposed design and signature artwork should:

· Be community based

· Create another destination for the park and center

· Be site-responsive

· Be interactive

· Encourage activity

· Integrate with/enhance the architecture

· Improve the experience of the residents, visitors, and businesses

· Relate to a diverse group of people

· Be long-lasting, durable, and require little maintenance

· Be appropriately scaled for the public spaces

Spaces/areas/ideas that have been contemplated/considered for public art installation by the Arts Council with elements such as sculpture, material, light, sound or other artistic media:

· Main public entry hall/lobby or library

· Installations within the hardscape/parkland

· Design integrated with the architecture (floors/walls/ceilings/lighting/acoustics)

· Interactive art within the landscape

Artwork Goals
Additional necessary drawings/documentation can be found at:

· Design Renderings

· Site plan

· Floor plans

Note: Additional/higher resolution documents can be provided if necessary.

Online GoTo Meeting non-mandatory Information Session, Thursday August 30th, 11:00am Central Standard Time.

Online meeting link:
Dial in for audio:
United States: +1 (646) 749-3131
Access Code: 442-867-629

· Application is open to artists or artistic teams of all backgrounds and levels of accomplishment, worldwide.

· Anyone receiving funds directly from the City of Evanston will not be eligible.

Application Requirements

Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.

Selection Information
Selection Process
Initial proposal will be evaluated based on the criteria below by representatives from the City of Evanston, the Evanston Public Library, the Evanston Arts Council and Woodhouse Tinucci Architects. Up to 3 Shortlisted teams will be invited to develop their ideas further based on the feedback of the selection committee and provided a $2000 stipend each to do so. Selected finalists will then be invited to present their developed ideas to the selection committee and a final selection will be made.

Selection Criteria
The following criteria will be considered during the selection process:

· Aesthetic Excellence – The highest priority is the inherent aesthetic quality of the artwork and its compatibility and relationship with the site as well as the way the public is intended to respond and interact with the artwork.

· Relevance – Artwork must be appropriate for and sensitive to the chosen location including surrounding architecture, local history, and community attitudes and concerns.

· Placement – The requirement for the final placement of the artwork in a location accessible to the public may influence selection.

· Community Engagement – Will the proposed artwork facilitate community engagement and interaction and bring more people to the center.

· Durability and Permanence – Resistance to theft, vandalism, and weathering, as well as structural sustainability and the potential for excessive maintenance must be considered as the work is intended to be permanent.

· Public Safety – The artwork must be safe for the intended public use.

· Public Programming – Ability for artwork to support public programming.

· Past Experience – Can the proposing artists or artistic teams demonstrate past success and experience with similar art installations and community works.

· Technically Feasible – The artist must provide convincing evidence of his or her ability to successfully complete the artwork as proposed.

August 17th, 2018 RFP Issued

August 30th, 11:00am CST Online Project Introduction/Information Session
(see additional information below)

September 14th, 2018 Deadline for Questions

October 12th, 2018 Deadline for submissions

October 26th, 2018 Finalist Selection

November 2018 Finalist Interviews

December 2018 Project Award

October 2019 Artwork Installation Deadline

*All dates subject to change.

Additional Resources

Contact Information

Submission Instructions
Website Address


Call for Artists Due Oct 9th 2018 City of Tamarac, Florida -

Colony West Wall Mural/ WoodSprings Suite Landmark Sculpture, Tamarac, Florida

Please Apply Here:
 Budget: $45,000
Deadline: 10/09/2018 5:00 PM Central Time

Call Summary
The City of Tamarac, Florida is seeking to commission an artist or artist team to create a bas relief wall mural of significant size and quality to be located in the new Colony West Club House located at 6850 NW 88th Avenue, Tamarac, Florida. The artwork should reflect the spirit of Tamarac and be impactful. The clubhouse is scheduled to be constructed soon. Three artists will be selected as semi-finalists to develop and present design proposals. Each will receive a $750 stipend. The winning artist will be awarded a $45,000 contract and will be responsible for the creation and installation of the final work.

The application deadline is Tuesday October 9, 2018 and is open to all professional artists nationwide with experience working with public agencies and professional engineers.

Budget Description
The budget for the project established is $45,000. The budget includes all cost, i.e. research, community and agency meeting cost, design, materials, permitting as needed, fabrication, installation, photography, insurance, proposals, travel, sales taxes, lighting, and labor.

Project Description
This Request for Proposal is emphasizing the City of Tamarac’s desire to commission artwork that represents its changing community and depicts the city’s mission as ‘The City for Your Life’. Once known for its retirement community, Tamarac has now evolved into a City of families and youth.

The artwork should be durable and require minimal ongoing maintenance. The mural should be designed to complement the clubhouse interior. The artwork will be attached to a wall size of 30 feet x 10 feet that is situated on the second floor of the clubhouse within the atrium of the banquet space. All mediums will be considered, with preference given to bas relief.

Artwork Goals
Artist Requirements Once Selected:

• Installation of the artwork

• Design development and modifications with drawings and/or models sufficient to secure to approval of the Public Art Committee and the City Commission.

• A minimum of three meetings with the Public Art Committee and/or the City Commission to discuss aspects of artwork: either via phone or in person.

• Professional photos of the mural for publication and marketing.

Highlights from the following will be required in the contract

• Indemnify, and hold the City of Tamarac harmless from any and all claims and damages

• Liability and other insurance.


a. Artist

General Liability Insurance naming the City as an additional insured.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance or a Florida Workers’ Compensation Exemption. If the artist will not be coming on City Property, Workers’ Compensation is not required.

Automobile Liability proof of insurance (personal automobile insurance proof is acceptable)

b. Installation Company

i. General Liability Insurance naming the City as additional insured.

ii. Workers’ compensation Insurance or a Florida Workers’’ Compensation Exemption as required by Florida Statue.

iii. Automobile Liability Insurance

c. Professional Engineer – Proof of Professional Liability Insurance.

The City reserves the right to modify the draft contract provided with this RFP.

Artwork Location Description
The sculpture will be located on the second floor of the newly constructed clubhouse adjacent to the grand ballroom.

The project is open to all professional visual artists or artist team in the United States. Artists/artist teams should have experience implementing their ideas and work in the public realm with government agencies. Artist/Artist teams must be able to effectively work within the project timeline and collaborate with the Architects of Record, General Contractors, multiple Governmental Agencies, Community Groups, City Staff and the Public Art Committee whenever it is required. Artist or Professional Artist means a practitioner in the visual arts, generally recognized by critics and peers as a professional of serious intent and ability. Indications of a person’s status as a professional artist include, but are not limited to, income realized through the sole commission of artwork, frequent or consistent art exhibitions, placement of artwork in public institutions or museums, receipt of honors and awards, and training in the arts.

Artists are NOT eligible who are immediate family or business partners of members of the Public Art Committee , City Staff or Program Administrators, or whose art work already exist in the City’s public art inventory.

Application Requirements

Artists are allowed to apply in teams.
Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.

Selection Information
Selection Process
The Tamarac Public Art Committee manages the application process and will review the proposals. The committee includes arts professionals and community representatives, and City Staff. The committee will review the submissions and invite a short list of three (3) semi-finalists to be interviewed. Each semi-finalist will be awarded a $750 stipend for development of a proposal, travel and overnight accommodations, if necessary for presentation to the Public Art Committee. The Committee will make a recommendation to the City Commission, based on its evaluation of the artwork proposal, experience of artist and references. The City Commission will make the final award to the selected Artist. The committee and/or the City Commission reserves the right to withhold the commission award if it should not find a satisfactory artwork.

Selection Criteria
Criteria for Selecting Proposals

All artists must meet the guidelines of the program.

1. Artistic merit of concept.

2. Style and Appropriateness: Artwork should demonstrate that it is compatible in relationship to the landscape and Tamarac Community.

3. Technical Considerations and Feasibility: Including the artist’s artistic history and experience in completing public art projects within the timeline and budget, as well as the sustainability of the project.

4. Safety and Maintenance: Artwork should be durable, meet the requirements of insurance policies and be resistant to theft and/or vandalism. Materials should require minimal periodic maintenance and be readily available if conservation or restoration is necessary.

5. Diversity: Reflects the overall project goal to strive for diversity in style, scale, media and artists working in traditional and contemporary art forms.

Anticipated Art Project Schedule

• Artist Applications Deadline: Tuesday, October 9, 2018

• Public Art Committee Artist Selection of Semi-Finalists October 2018

· Shortlisted Artist Notified : October, 2018


• City Commission Approval: November 2018

• Artwork Permitting/Installed: Fall 2019

Additional Resources

Contact Information

Forest Show

Chas Martin - 
Artist Podcast Interview 
1) Messenger   21"x12” Watercolor $695
2) Moon Over Sitka 14"x11” Watercolor $495
3) Sand Lake Log 11"x14” Watercolor $495

CJ Elsip -
Artist Podcast Interview 
1) Bridge Unburned 9"x12" Oil on canvas $650 
 2) Trail Less Travelled 12"x12"  Oil on canvas $800 
3) Forgiven Forest 9"x12"  Oil on canvas $650

Jamie Rodriguez -
Artist Podcast Interview
1) Reflection-scape #1", (Berlin, Germany), 28x22in, oil on canvas, $2000
2)  "Berlin Landscape", (Germany), 16x20in, oil on canvas, $1300
3) "Kultsjon" (Sweden), 54x27x20in, oil on canvas, wood, frame,
 wax, foam, lichen, hardware,beehive, plastic, paint, $3400

Julie Guerrero -   
Artist Podcast Interview

1) Regeneration 16"x20"x1.5" Gallery wrap $375
2) Heron's View 10.5"x14" print $60

Maja Sereda -  
Artist Podcast Interview
1) Deep in the forest (2017) 10.5”x14.5" mixed media - watercolor and pen on paper $250
2) Heart of the forest (2017) 7 1/4"x10 3/4" mixed media - watercolor & ink $125 (unframed)
 3) Organic growth (2017) 11 x 15" mixed media: watercolor & ink $250 (unframed)

Mark Lavatelli -
Artist Podcast Interview
1) Night and Day 96"x144" oil on canvas $4800
2) Griffis Pine 96"x144" oil on canvas $4800
3) Tree Style 96"x144" oil on canvas $4800

Mauricio Paz Viola - 
Sublime Trees (2016) 11"x15" watercolors and oil on paper $250 each

1) Spitfire (2017) 8"x10" Linocut, Ink
2) The Collapse Paper (2017) 20"x22" Ink, Acrylic, Conte, Gouach
3) One Fish, No Fish (2017) 8"x10" Linocut

Robert Mullenix -  
Artist Podcast Interview
1) (re)turn (2016) oil over toner transfer on canvas, 16"x20"
2) contamination (2016) oil on canvas, 30"x40"
3) (re)view (2017) oil over toner transfer on canvas, 14"x20"

Call to Artists

CALL TO ARTISTS: Eggers Gallery presents another Artist Call for Entry. This call's theme is "The Forest".  How do forests impact your life and art? 

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: Sunday August 20th 2017 by 11pm U.S. Pacific Time Zone.

ARTIST NOTIFICATION: Tuesday August 21st 2017 by 11pm.

ELIGIBILITY: Call to artists living in the United States over the age of 18, open to visual artists. Medias include painting, oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolors, prints, drawings, mixed media, sculpture, installation, photography, and digital art. All artwork must be original.

USE OF IMAGES: Any image submitted may be used for marketing or promotional purposes directly related to this show. This use may include in any magazine, publications, podcasts, printed materials, advertisements, or electronic media. Copyright and all other rights remain that of the artist. 

AWARD for ACCEPTED ENTRANTS will have the opportunity to be included in the 
Eggers Gallery Podcast located on iTunes or Google music or at:
and an opportunity to be included in Eggers Gallery Magazine:
 and featured on our website and social media.

JUROR: Michael Eggers, Director of Eggers Gallery. He was appointed to the Snohomish County Arts Commission in Washington State. He has exhibited his paintings, sculpture and photography in many cities across Washington.

ONLINE EXHIBITION: September 1st - 30th 2017

  • All entries must be available for sale.  
  • No nudity or profanity. 
  • Up to 3 images of art.  
  • Each image must be under 5MB. 
  • Include Resume / Bio
  • Include Image List: Name / Dimensions / Medium / Price
  • No fee to enter. 
  • Email entries to or click below for form

Or you can submit via online form by clicking HERE.
See our listing at

Machinery Show

1) Twine and Sprouts (2017) 30"x30" Oil on Canvas $3500
2) Ink and Lotus Blossom (2017) 30"x30" Oil on Canvas $3500
3) Lime and Segments (2017) 30"x30" Oil on Canvas $3500

1) Gimbaled Thought (2017) 5.5" x 5.5" graphite on paper $430
2) Some Assembly Required (2017)  6"x6" graphite on paper $450.
3) Dark Days (2017) 3.5"x 5" graphite on paper $400.


1) Small Talk 22”x30” Acrylic on Paper $525
2) Transhuman 2 Acrylic on paper 15” x 20” $450

3) Transhuman 3 (Gemini) Acrylic on paper 18” x 40” $800

1) Ray Gun Sculpture 6.5" x 13" x 10.5" $900
2) Roller Bot Sculpture 9" x 11" x 18.5" $1200

1) Vision Quest / graphite and stitching on paper 20"x24" $4000    
2) A Portrait of Determinism / graphite, type, needle and thread 13.5"x30" $3200
3) Formaldehyde Dream / graphite on paper 14"x17" $1200